28 novembre 2018

Un paio di video preparati per accompagnarne i brani sono disponibili su YT, ma l'interezza dell'incredibile concerto - più che rarissimo, senza precedenti - tenuto da Renaldo & The Loaf a Vienna il giugno scorso è ora ufficialmente in cd, naturalmente per Klanggalerie: Long Time Coming (Live in Vienna 2018).

Scrive Walter Robotka, con motivato orgoglio: "Renaldo & The Loaf only ever graced a stage once nearly 40 years ago for a 20 minute improvisation. In June 2018 Klanggalerie celebrated its 25th anniversary with a 2 day festival that brought 11 bands from the label to Vienna for an exclusive gig. One of those bands was Renaldo & The Loaf... a great honour for us and a very special event for a lot of people who travelled from all over the world to see them. It was the first time RATL played a proper set and let me tell you, they were beyond amazing. The set consisted of songs old and new, and even a so-far unreleased track was presented for the first time ever. Of course, this unique event was recorded and here is Renaldo & The Loaf live at Klang25 in Vienna in 2018!"