31 dicembre 2018

Ci ha messo qualche annetto, ma alla fine Babbo un desiderio ce l'ha esaudito, propiziando il ritorno di Bad Dream Fancy Dress. Spaziale!

Having gone though a long term arthritic illness and a number of operation to her back, spine and hips, lead singer Cat Rees started writing again and joined forces with partner Jeff (formerly of Some Bizarre’s Foreheads in a Fishtank) and friend musician and engineer Joe, writing new material. The end product was ten original songs that now feature as the Space Goddess album.
The album takes a journey through a number of musical styles and genres, Cat inhabiting a number of Female inspired Diva characters that outline songs about Female self-empowerment. If Space Goddess was a ‘bake off’ the ingredients would be sexual innuendo, rye humor, a hint of politics, a dash of environment awareness, mixed together with a large dollop of Kitsch.


30 dicembre 2018

Tra le promesse per il 2019 c'è anche il ritorno degli Stereolab ai concerti dal vivo, accompagnato da una serie di riproposte e ristampe scelte dall'ampio catalogo discografico a partire dagli anni Novanta. Apre le danze - e forse torna utile anche per quelle di fine anno domani - un cofanetto con tre volumi antologici apparsi nel 1992 (Switched On), 1995 (Refried Ectoplasm) e 1998 (Aluminum Tunes).


29 dicembre 2018

Manca all'appello il quinto volume, uscito per altri nel 1988, ma il meglio di quei quattro pazzi album collettivi compilati da Cordelia a metà anni Ottanta è integro e salvo, e ora condensato in un cd dallo stesso titolo di quell'illuminata serie: Obscure Independent Classics 1985-1987.


28 dicembre 2018

Con un box di cinque cd hanno iniziato l'anno (un'esecuzione integrale di Treatise, di Cornelius Cardew), con un box di cinque cd lo concludono (una decina di lavori di John Cage, There is nothing we really need to do that isn't dangerous--Rewilding John Cage). Molti di quelli che ne hanno imparato il nome - esso stesso generatore di rumore - li rivedranno tra qualche giorno dal vivo al Cafe Oto londinese: Gerauschhersteller. cioè Tom Cleverley, Steve Gibson, Adrian Newton e Stuart Riddle. Bravi!


27 dicembre 2018

Le pubblicazioni in digitale del catalogo storico della FMP sono da tempo curate da Destination Out, e nello specifico da Jeff Golick, che richiama all'attenzione degli appassionati le periodiche uscite dell'etichetta anche attraverso l'omonimo programma settimanale della domenica ospitato sul web da WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio. Negli archivi dell'anno che giunge al termine ci sono anche alcuni speciali dedicati a Cecil Taylor, Carla Bley, Keith Rowe e Perry Robinson.


26 dicembre 2018

Gran quantità di titoli classici e nuove produzioni in bella mostra nella vetrina locale e internazionale di Dame (Distributions Ambiances Magnétiques Etc.) a Montréal, tra l'altro con forti sconti natalizi fino a metà gennaio 2019: come resistere?


25 dicembre 2018

Natale con i tuoi. Fin che puoi.

Following in the footsteps of The Rotters' Club and The Closed Circle, Jonathan Coe's new novel is the novel for our strange new times.

24 dicembre 2018

Notizia certa è che i biglietti per entrambi i concerti dedicati a Phil Miller il prossimo 6 gennaio al Vortex londinese sono andati tutti esauriti. Cosa più dubbia è che Didier Malherbe possa ancora essere della partita, dopo la brutta avventura nordafricana occorsagli. Sempre che non decida di disobbedire ai medici... Altre variazioni sono annunciate, assieme però alla rassicurazione che il doppio evento verrà documentato in audio e video e diffuso nel corso dell'anno attraverso il sito web Phil Miller-The Legacy curato da Kyle Mew:

"We are sorry to say that Didier Malherbe is still recovering from his accident and won’t be able to be at the concert. Trevor Tomkins has also had to pull out due to ill health and Paul Booth has accepted an Australian tour which prevents him attending. We hope this does not disappoint anyone too much. We are looking forward to seeing you all on 6th Jan. The concert has been oversubscribed and sadly a lot of people have been unable to buy tickets. If anyone who doesn’t live too far away from the Vortex is interested: the Vortex is going to live stream the music from the concerts to the bar downstairs so that musicians can relax downstairs and still be able to hear when they should make their way upstairs. Also we are having the concerts filmed and recorded and we will be putting this on this site during the course of next year. Commemorative T-shirts will be for sale."


23 dicembre 2018

Pete (Pawsey) e Peter (Holsapple) cantano Peter (Blegvad): un'ossessione!


22 dicembre 2018

Guardando al 2019 come l'anno in cui potrebbe finalmente esser terminato e pronto Cool Daddio, il docufilm su R. Stevie Moore con il racconto della sua eterna giovinezza (e la tardiva carriera), Weirdo Music Forever fa il punto su progetti attuali e alcune intricate vicende del passato direttamente con l'interessato: https://www.weirdomusicforever.com/r-stevie-moore

R. Stevie Moore isn’t exactly a household name, but he might just be the most prolific musician in America. With a career spanning 50 years and over 400 albums, Stevie is a pioneer of low fidelity music. His love began at a young age, writing and recording tracks out of his basement. Years later, he took home recording to the next level, producing over 4,000 songs and finding fans in bands like the Talking Heads and The B-52s. Now, he’s moving up and out of the basement, playing concerts and festivals around the world...


21 dicembre 2018

Un'amabile discussione su Eskimo, perfettamente in tema stagionale, inaugura una nuova serie di podcast a cadenza mensile dedicata ai ResidentsHome Age Conversations.

The Residents’ true fascination with cultural commentary began with their critically acclaimed 1979 album, Eskimo. On a surface level, the album seems only to consist of grunting sounds and synthesized wind. But of course, there’s a bit more to it. The album is quite notable in its use of creating “soundscapes” to portray the stories told in the liner notes of the album without any English dialogue. But, if you approach Eskimo with a bit of a critical Eye (and some knowledge of vintage ad campaigns), you’ll find that there’s another story to it, buried underneath all that snow.

In this episode of Home Age Conversations, we start with the Residents album that best recreates a “Winter Wonderland” for the month of December (our apologies to those who live in the Southern Hemisphere where it’s currently summer). In the process of going over this semi-fictional world music album, we cover ground regarding the eyeballs, music, accompanying stories, the fate of the album, and last but not least, bottom text. We hope that those new to The Residents are encouraged to listen to the album, and that long time fans can enjoy our in-depth discussion (albeit sprinkled with silly jokes).


20 dicembre 2018

Per la notte più lunga dell'anno, accompagnata da una luna bella piena, Matthew Watkins confeziona l'episodio numero sessantasei della sua serie Canterbury Sans Frontières: "Solstice tomorrow (4:23pm UK time), full moon Friday, and so here's the latest CSF for all you good people... The last great Kevin Ayers song, something from Daevid Allen's last band project with the "Weird Quartet", an epic mid-70s piece from Canterbury-obsessed Americans The Muffins, McLaughlin in '69, Miles in '89, Moondog in Europe in the late 70s, Hugh Hopper with a little-known band in Northern France in the late 80s, Henry Cow on Swiss TV in '76, a slice of Caravan's second album, more from the recent "Soft Machine" set in NYC, some archival bits of Hatfield, new Rileyesque psychedelia from San Francisco's Dire Wolves and a seasonal surprise from Robert Wyatt and friends. From the Canterbury of today, more from the latest Lapis Lazuli album Brain, a brand new Koloto remix and some of the Cathedral choir singing a William Byrd mass in the woods last summer."


19 dicembre 2018

Echi del concerto tenuto lo scorso 7 dicembre a Brooklyn (Stati Uniti) da Annette Peacock: "She’s probably the most remarkable - and mercurial - living singer and composer you’ve almost certainly never heard", scrive Giovanni Russonello sul New York Times.


18 dicembre 2018

Buona parte del concerto di Mujician tenuto a Leicester (Regno Unito) nel novembre 1989 è disponibile all'ascolto tramite Inconstant Sol: Keith Tippett, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers e il compianto Tony Levin.


17 dicembre 2018

Per il suo nuovo album Bing Selfish torna in parte sui propri passi, convoca a vario titolo i fedeli Windsors e con loro saluta affettuosamente Simon King, evocandolo tra strade, stradine, parchi e negozi di Wolverhampton: In Off​-​On​-​a​-​Tangent Park.

Recorded and produced by Matt Armstrong in JC Montague’s Shed of Earthly Delights, this is at once the most intimate yet most expansive Bing Selfish album; yeah, even more expansive than Space College. Bing shuffles the members of The Windsors in various combinations, with Matt Armstrong at the controls, and produces a real human warmth on every track, even the ones where he’s slagging off curators, bankers, destroyers of the earth, etc. You’ll be taken from the posh parts of London to the crazed surfaces of Shanghai and onwards, outwards to the shopping centres of Wolverhampton and environs. But don’t worry, everywhere we go, we’ll take you to the park first. Heartbreakingly for us and for you, the final recordings by Simon King.


16 dicembre 2018

Se è pur facile entrare nell'Isola dei Lupi immaginata da Bob Drake - e splendidamente raffigurata in mappa da Joe Mruk - non altrettanto lo è uscirne, tanta la meraviglia e tale il suo incanto. Lo stesso autore indicherebbe Hollowfang’s Tower e Sleepy Critter, o le parti strumentali di Spotty Under the Trees, però titubando. Forse bisogna cominciare a scriversi tutto?


15 dicembre 2018

Un omaggio a Robert Wyatt si è tenuto lo scorso primo ottobre nel tempio del cool israeliano ('live music shows and good alcohol'), il Levontin 7 di Tel Aviv. Alcune scene sono su YT: Alliance, Memories, At Last I Am Free, Alifib e Sea Song.


14 dicembre 2018

The Watts (Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson) incontrano Haco in una delle date di fine novembre del loro tour in Giappone e quando lei intona Tidal e Shooting Stars in Your Eyes non rimangono impassibili. E' su YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELSsGLb_0ew&t=15s

13 dicembre 2018

Per due rapide battute consecutive, una di là (Ramsgate, NJ) e una di qua (Montreuil, alle porte di Parigi) dell'Atlantico, la fazione avanguardista dei Pere Ubu - Moon Unit - si è fatta in quattro, anticipando quel che verrà: David Thomas, Gagarin, Keith Moliné e Chris Cutler.


12 dicembre 2018

Una scarsa dozzina di brani d'assalto oggi quanto allora, introdotti da un illuminante scritto di Chris Cutler e raccolti in una confezione acre e pungente finanche al tatto: The Work, con i magnifici Mick Hobbs, Rick Wilson, Tim Hodgkinson e Bill Gilonis ritratti a sbalzo tra il 1981 (Fingers and Toes) e il 1994 (Stone). Quattrocento copie offerte dalla parigina Jelodanti Records. Per far bello l'alberello...


11 dicembre 2018

Tre lussuose edizioni in vinile colorato di Made AvailableRepeat/Metal e Live 80-81 completano il ciclo di ristampe dell'imperdibile catalogo This Heat operato da Modern Classics Recordings per Light in the Attic. Per far bello l'alberello...

Formed in 1976 in Brixton, a multicultural, and – at the time – down-at-heel part of south London, This Heat were born into a music scene in rapid flux, first thanks to the punk explosion and then via new wave and its myriad offshoots into pop, rock and art-rock. But while many sought to apply punk attitude to chart-friendly sounds, This Heat were concocting some of the most experimental ideas ever committed to tape, taking influence from musique concrète, krautrock, the burgeoning industrial scene and even the dub reggae blasting out in their home borough.
In many ways, the nuanced sound worlds created in the studio by This Heat are tailor made for sedentary headphone listening. But pulling off such complicated, genre defying compositions live was surely something to witness. Until now, there was no real official document of the group’s live performances. Compiled by Charles Hayward and Charles Bullen from rough cassette tape recordings of European gigs in Tilburg, Nijmegen, Ärhus, Apeldoorn, Vienna and Rheims between April 1980 and June 1981, Live 80-81 is an essential document of This Heat’s powerful live performances.
Following Modern Classics Recordings’ 2016 reissue campaign to mark the band’s 40th anniversary, these new releases Made Available, Repeat/Metal and Live 80-81 round out the story. Each release is sanctioned by surviving members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward and features newly remastered audio sourced from original tapes.


10 dicembre 2018

La storia dei canterburyani olandesi Supersister nei loro anni cruciali - da Present from Nancy a Spiral Staircase Sass - è raccontata nuovamente nel cofanetto Memories Are New compilato poche settimane fa da Universal Music, con l'aggiunta di qualche singolo e un paio di inediti (e un bel po' di refusi nei testi e nelle immagini del sommario libretto di accompagnamento). Assai meglio sarebbe rivolgersi alle estese riedizioni curate dieci anni fa da Esoteric, ma in tempo di corsa ai regali un box antologico prêt-à-porter fa sempre comodo. Per far bello l'alberello...

Onlangs is er een aantal fraaie boxjes verschenen van Nederlandse bands, waarvan de ene wat meer voor de hand lag dan de ander. Supersister valt in de laatste categorie aangezien het nu niet de naam is die als eerste genoemd wordt als je vraagt naar legendarische Nederlandse bands. Dat dit een misverstand is, blijkt uit dit fraaie boxje waarin alle studioplaten van de band gecompileerd zijn en waaraan bovendien nog een bonus-cd’tje toegevoegd is met singles, een onuitgebrachte single en een lange liveuitvoering van Wow. Het uit 1970 stammende Present From Nancy laat gelijk horen dat Supersister een eigenzinnig band is, die niet alleen virtuoos musiceert, maar daarnaast ook haar eigen pad trekt. Zijn op de eerste plaat de nummers nog veelal kort, op To The Highest Bidder uit 1971 zijn de nummers, op het afsluitende Higher na, lang en uitgesponnen. Pudding En Gisteren uit 1972 is het tot dan toe meest vocale album. Waar Pudding En Gisteren, misschien door de naam, nog wel eens voorbij komt, lijkt Iskander uit 1973 grotendeels vergeten, terwijl dit een fraaie plaat is, Ditzelfde geldt voor Spiral Staircase Sass uit 1974 waarop Cesar Zuiderwijk en Jan de Hont in het nummer Sylvers Song nog een gastrol verzorgen. Hoewel toetsenist Robert-Jan Stips misschien wel het bekendst is, is ook de fluit van Sacha van Geest dominant in het geluid. Met een geluid dat soms jazzy, soms poppy en soms er Zappa-esque is, is Supersister niet echt in een vakje te stoppen. Het is alleen daarom al een plezier om naar deze box te luisteren.


09 dicembre 2018

Il rinnovato interesse per l'oggetto-audiocassetta sta mietendo vittime anche a Rennes (Francia) presso la patafisica InPolySons, che pure dai piccoli numeri ha spesso tratto vantaggio per le proprie affascinanti produzioni. Ora, esaurita in pochi giorni l'intera tiratura del primo volume di TrucCabinet de Curiosités, a qualche bimbo buono resta solo da sperare che un esemplare appaia magicamente in dono, prossimamente. Per far bello l'alberello...

Truc is a series of 9 thematic, curious, frenzied, improbable, crazy, unique and quirky compilations. Truc will take the form of tape boxsets (+ digital download). Truc was born of MonsterK7 and InPolySons’ shared interest in strange music. Truc brings together musicians that don’t care about naming genres. Truc follows its own rhythm: the volumes composing the series will be enumerated according to the Syracuse mathematics sequence. Truc wants to bring about the unexpected.

For this first volume in the series, called “Cabinet de Curiosités”, we asked 22 musicians to rummage through their archives for obscure-music gold: their most startling unreleased tracks. With: A&E, Alain De Filippis, Art & Technique, Carton Sonore, Chow Mwng, Daniel Padden, David Fenech, Domotic, Ergo Phizmiz, GNG, Guido Möbius, Les Tailleurs de Notes, Lionel Fondeville, Look de Bouk, Mami Chan, Micusnule, NIT, Quenotte (aka Madame Patate), Sacha Gattino, Tom Wilson, Toupidek Limonade and Wevie Stonder.


08 dicembre 2018

E da ReR si dispongono in piccola quantità altre perle rare dalla collezione privata di Chris Cutler, due volumi di Missing Chapters in cd-r che vanno ad aggiungersi al primo concesso qualche tempo fa con sigla CC100: stavolta ci sono estratti dal suo primo concerto in solo tenuto in Giappone nel 1998 con batteria e oggetti amplificati, musiche per L’Anatomie d’un Fauve di Josef Nadj, una diversa versione di p53, un incredibile condensato d'origine Art Bears (Three Bear Rooms), un duo con Fred Frith a Tel Aviv e altro ancora con Jean-Marc Montera e Jean-Francois Pauvros, John Greaves, Daan Vandewalle e Jon Rose. Per far bello l'alberello...


07 dicembre 2018

ReR propone anche una simpatica antologia di musica surf sperimentale selezionando otto titoli dalla multiforme produzione di Alan Jenkins: The Kettering Vampires perform Nico and the Velvet Underground, The Best of Aaaaaaaaxb, Culpho Dog Gymkhana 1, That Wraps it Up for The Sea, Considerably further Beyond the Sea, The Magic City, Free Surf Music 3 e Free Surf Music 4Per far bello l'alberello...

Scrive Cutler: "Some insufferably great music that’s hard to categorise. Somewhere in the mists it evolved away from the classic guitar instrumental, tweaking and stretching and mixing it with psychedelics and experimentalism, offering an alternative evolutionary history of popular music. Alan Jenkins ranks highly in my personal pantheon because he’s funny, very musical, doesn’t much care about what's fashionable and sometimes comes up with the unthinkable. Plus, of course, it’s all a pleasure to listen to. So, in the interests of anyone giving a damn, we decided to put a bunch of these lost gems in a box and sell them enticingly cheap - commissioning a short but illuminating pamphlet from Alan about fractures in the ESM community."


06 dicembre 2018

Dice ReR che ha ancora qualche esemplare del mitico Rural Class Struggles in Ambridge di Fred Borage, The Book of Leviathan di Peter Blegvad e Nøodutgang Bødo 28.10.11 degli Artaud Beats. Per far bello l'alberello...


05 dicembre 2018

Il gruppo belga The Wrong Object - in cui milita Michel Delville - affina alcune proprie inclinazioni e approda finalmente all'omaggio zappiano, giusto in tempo per il venticinquesimo anniversario della scomparsa: Zappa Jawaka.

Blending the cosmic energies of nu-jazz with modern rock sensibilities and live electronic devices, the music of the Wrong Object is influenced by a vast array of artists ranging from Canterbury Scene prog rock à la Soft Machine and Gong to Squarepusher, Béla Bartok, Amon Tobin, Aka Moon, Sun Ra, Charlie Mingus and Frank Zappa. With their aesthetics still rooted in an array of storied inspirational models, Belgian prog jazz heavyweights The Wrong Object ventures further into hybrid musical territories - pushing the boundaries of progressive jazz, rock and contemporary music.
After more than fifteen years of an existence marked by extensive touring, recording and numerous collaborations with international jazz and rock luminaries (Elton Dean, Harry Beckett , Annie Whitehead, Alex Maguire, Robin Verheyen, Ed Mann, …) and a recent collaboration with the Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radio Koor (200 Motels-The Suites), Zappa Jawaka marks the band’s first tribute release to the Grand Zazou, one which contains idiosyncratic, fiery version of such favorites as I’m the Slime alongside lesser-known and rarely performed works. This album is sure to please hardcore FZ geeks as well as the uninitiated with a fresh ear for alternative popular entertainment.


04 dicembre 2018

Alcuni musicisti presenti in Ici-bas si ritrovano ospiti anche nel nuovo album di John Greaves, registrato e prodotto all'Elfo di Tavernago (Pc): Life Size.


03 dicembre 2018

Si rivolge invece a Gabriel Fauré il progetto Ici-bas del quartetto francese Baum (Olivier Mellano, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Gouverneur, Simon Dalmais), con un omonimo album appena uscito per Sony Classics, una straordinaria messa in scena teatrale già ammirata l'estate scorsa al Festival d'Avignone e una lista di ospiti e interpreti da capogiro: Jeanne Added, BabX, Camille, Élise Caron, Judith Chemla, Hugh Coltman, Étienne Daho, John Greaves, Piers Faccini, Philippe Katerine, Kyrie Kristmanson, JP Nataf, Sandra Nkaké, Himiko Paganotti, Brendan Perry, Thomas de Pourquery, Albin de la Simone e Rosemary Standley.

Donner à entendre sous un jour nouveau les mélodies de Gabriel Fauré tout en restant fidèle à l’esprit intemporel du compositeur et à son univers musical, ainsi est né le désir de la création Ici-Bas. Écouter ces mélodies, c’est aussi faire résonner la poésie de Paul Verlaine dont Gabriel Fauré disait qu’elle était «exquise à mettre en musique», celle de Théophile Gautier, Sully-Prudhomme, Villiers de l’Isle-Adam, Charles van Lerberghe et d’autres encore… Au cœur de ces textes et de cette musique, nous sommes suspendus, en apesanteur dans un monde lointain fait d’aubes naissantes, de crépuscules orangés, de baisers rêvés et d’amours incertains…


02 dicembre 2018

Si rivolge alla poesia di Emily Brontë in occasione del bicentenario della nascita, ad alcuni scritti della prima guerra mondiale e alle cronache di ben tre naufragi occorsi nel 1968 nel porto di Kingston upon Hull il nuovo ciclo di lavori prodotto in forma di trilogia letteraria da The Unthanks: Lines.

The lines in Part One - Lillian Bilocca - were written by actor and writer Maxine Peake and again turned into song by McNally, the songs originally being performed live by The Unthanks in The Last Testament Of Lillian Bilocca, the acclaimed site specific theatre event written by Peake, about the Hull Triple Trawler Disaster of 1968 in which 58 men lost their lives. Taking place in the Autumn of 2017 and set in the atmospheric rooms and corridors of Hull's grand Guildhall, the show came top of audience feedback ratings for all events commissioned by Hull City Of Culture.

The lines for Part Two - World War One, are those of poems and letters from the time. Written and performed in the opening centenary year (2014) for A Time And A Place - a live audio visual work commissioned by Sounds UK and the Arts Council, the songs include writing by Adrian McNally, Sam Lee and Tim Dalling. Of particular note are the poems Socks by Jesse Pope and the startling and heart-wrenching War Film by Teresa Hooley; two poems offering lesser heard female voices from the time, and that speak against war with such humanity that they could apply to any side of a conflict and to any time. The piano for Part Two - World War One was recorded on the very piano that Holst wrote The Planets on, between 1914 and 1916.

The final record in this trilogy is collection of ten poems by Emily Brontë, turned into song by Unthanks pianist Adrian McNally. Commissioned by the Brontë Society to mark Emily's 200th Birthday, McNally wrote and recorded them on her original piano in The Parsonage where she grew up, performed with bandmates Rachel and Becky Unthank. With the Brontë Parsonage now a working museum of course, the writing and recording had to take place after nightfall. Composer, pianist and producer Adrian McNally wrote the music for the whole record in his first evening at Emily's piano (a rare example of a 5 octave cabinet piano probably made in London between 1810 and 1815), before spending the rest of the residency working on the songs by day on a beautiful German upright at his lodgings in nearby Ponden Hall - another house associated with the Brontës. He would then take his work-in progress into the Parsonage to road test them on Emily's piano in the evenings, before weeks later, returning with Rachel and Becky Unthank to record the songs.


01 dicembre 2018

Tre giorni di festeggiamenti per il ventennale della gloriosa London Improvisers Orchestra con incontri, laboratori, prove aperte e concerti pressoché a tutte le ore, da oggi al 3 dicembre negli spazi del Cafe Oto londinese. Con un caro pensiero per gli amici assenti. Auguri!

Improvisation permeates our existence, surfacing in most of our behaviour and interactions: conversation, relationships, work and the market place; in art, in spirituality … (and in conflicts, with their unpredictability and IEDs). Even thinking – taking into account our inner world and our surroundings, both ever-changing, and then trying to reconcile these in a way that creates some meaning and does violence to neither – contains a large serving of improvisation. It is probably the case that the larger the group involved, the more difficult it is to create a collective improvisation that is effective and allows space for everyone. The London Improvisers Orchestra has been tackling this challenge by rehearsing and performing in London once a month for the past twenty years, exploring free, conducted and devised large-group improvisations, and developing an extensive and unique vocabulary of signals for improvising musicians.

For these anniversary events we have brought together a stellar line-up of local and international musicians and composer/conductors who have played with the London Improvisers Orchestra at different times over the past twenty years. Remembering absent friends: Harry Beckett, Lol Coxhill, Tony Marsh, Paul Rutherford, Ray Warleigh.