22 dicembre 2018

Guardando al 2019 come l'anno in cui potrebbe finalmente esser terminato e pronto Cool Daddio, il docufilm su R. Stevie Moore con il racconto della sua eterna giovinezza (e la tardiva carriera), Weirdo Music Forever fa il punto su progetti attuali e alcune intricate vicende del passato direttamente con l'interessato: https://www.weirdomusicforever.com/r-stevie-moore

R. Stevie Moore isn’t exactly a household name, but he might just be the most prolific musician in America. With a career spanning 50 years and over 400 albums, Stevie is a pioneer of low fidelity music. His love began at a young age, writing and recording tracks out of his basement. Years later, he took home recording to the next level, producing over 4,000 songs and finding fans in bands like the Talking Heads and The B-52s. Now, he’s moving up and out of the basement, playing concerts and festivals around the world...