17 dicembre 2018

Per il suo nuovo album Bing Selfish torna in parte sui propri passi, convoca a vario titolo i fedeli Windsors e con loro saluta affettuosamente Simon King, evocandolo tra strade, stradine, parchi e negozi di Wolverhampton: In Off​-​On​-​a​-​Tangent Park.

Recorded and produced by Matt Armstrong in JC Montague’s Shed of Earthly Delights, this is at once the most intimate yet most expansive Bing Selfish album; yeah, even more expansive than Space College. Bing shuffles the members of The Windsors in various combinations, with Matt Armstrong at the controls, and produces a real human warmth on every track, even the ones where he’s slagging off curators, bankers, destroyers of the earth, etc. You’ll be taken from the posh parts of London to the crazed surfaces of Shanghai and onwards, outwards to the shopping centres of Wolverhampton and environs. But don’t worry, everywhere we go, we’ll take you to the park first. Heartbreakingly for us and for you, the final recordings by Simon King.