20 dicembre 2018

Per la notte più lunga dell'anno, accompagnata da una luna bella piena, Matthew Watkins confeziona l'episodio numero sessantasei della sua serie Canterbury Sans Frontières: "Solstice tomorrow (4:23pm UK time), full moon Friday, and so here's the latest CSF for all you good people... The last great Kevin Ayers song, something from Daevid Allen's last band project with the "Weird Quartet", an epic mid-70s piece from Canterbury-obsessed Americans The Muffins, McLaughlin in '69, Miles in '89, Moondog in Europe in the late 70s, Hugh Hopper with a little-known band in Northern France in the late 80s, Henry Cow on Swiss TV in '76, a slice of Caravan's second album, more from the recent "Soft Machine" set in NYC, some archival bits of Hatfield, new Rileyesque psychedelia from San Francisco's Dire Wolves and a seasonal surprise from Robert Wyatt and friends. From the Canterbury of today, more from the latest Lapis Lazuli album Brain, a brand new Koloto remix and some of the Cathedral choir singing a William Byrd mass in the woods last summer."