07 dicembre 2018

ReR propone anche una simpatica antologia di musica surf sperimentale selezionando otto titoli dalla multiforme produzione di Alan Jenkins: The Kettering Vampires perform Nico and the Velvet Underground, The Best of Aaaaaaaaxb, Culpho Dog Gymkhana 1, That Wraps it Up for The Sea, Considerably further Beyond the Sea, The Magic City, Free Surf Music 3 e Free Surf Music 4Per far bello l'alberello...

Scrive Cutler: "Some insufferably great music that’s hard to categorise. Somewhere in the mists it evolved away from the classic guitar instrumental, tweaking and stretching and mixing it with psychedelics and experimentalism, offering an alternative evolutionary history of popular music. Alan Jenkins ranks highly in my personal pantheon because he’s funny, very musical, doesn’t much care about what's fashionable and sometimes comes up with the unthinkable. Plus, of course, it’s all a pleasure to listen to. So, in the interests of anyone giving a damn, we decided to put a bunch of these lost gems in a box and sell them enticingly cheap - commissioning a short but illuminating pamphlet from Alan about fractures in the ESM community."