21 dicembre 2018

Un'amabile discussione su Eskimo, perfettamente in tema stagionale, inaugura una nuova serie di podcast a cadenza mensile dedicata ai ResidentsHome Age Conversations.

The Residents’ true fascination with cultural commentary began with their critically acclaimed 1979 album, Eskimo. On a surface level, the album seems only to consist of grunting sounds and synthesized wind. But of course, there’s a bit more to it. The album is quite notable in its use of creating “soundscapes” to portray the stories told in the liner notes of the album without any English dialogue. But, if you approach Eskimo with a bit of a critical Eye (and some knowledge of vintage ad campaigns), you’ll find that there’s another story to it, buried underneath all that snow.

In this episode of Home Age Conversations, we start with the Residents album that best recreates a “Winter Wonderland” for the month of December (our apologies to those who live in the Southern Hemisphere where it’s currently summer). In the process of going over this semi-fictional world music album, we cover ground regarding the eyeballs, music, accompanying stories, the fate of the album, and last but not least, bottom text. We hope that those new to The Residents are encouraged to listen to the album, and that long time fans can enjoy our in-depth discussion (albeit sprinkled with silly jokes).