05 gennaio 2019

Esce per Good Child Music, come il precedente Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics, l'album di Zeena Parkins che presenta il progetto iniziato tre anni fa nell'isola di Captiva nell'area del Golfo del Messico assieme alla coreografa Jennifer Monson: Captiva.

Così descrive il lavoro la danzatrice: "Zeena and I created a process of tracing photographs of tide lines along the beach to generate rhythmic patterns. We used these rhythms to develop 5 short pieces. We decided on a limited palette, designating particular rhythms/sounds/movements/spatial states as our focus. Zeena uses every part of the harp to give the music specific and unorthodox pitches and tones and often adds objects to prepare the harps or to activate the strings. She is highly gestural: whether sitting/standing, moving around the harp or playing it from behind. She also created a drum machine utilizing lowed pitched sine waves generated from an oscillator. The tide tracing rhythms were generated in the computer and played back through a speaker placed under the drum head, that excited the snare drum to ‘play itself ’. The dancer pares movement down to work inside of the rhythms with particular body parts as well as internal and external arrival points in the body. This is juxtaposed with sensed improvisational states. These compositions are never performed exactly the same way twice but have distinct and recognizable characteristics (harmonically/texturally/gesturally) and in that way, movement and music components juxtapose/co-exist/fit together like a puzzle."