22 gennaio 2019

Se tanto aveva sorpreso tre anni fa con l'omaggio a Kevin Ayers, con quello a Phil Miller - diffuso oggi, che ne sarebbe il settantesimo compleanno - Billie Bottle quasi supera se stessa: Grazie Miller (No Aigrettes).

You really were high above the threshold of genius
Lounging there trying while digging in to Nan True’s hole
Part of the dance is gurning and learning to grapple with your square root:
A fleeting glance of dreaming wide awake
Out of the blue there’s a parallel mode; all that can be uncovered, recently discovered
Are you lything and gracing your god song tonight?
‘Cause the black cat it will sit down at the Inca delta borderline
Truly yours is no trick of the light, you glow
There’s a melody that Ed or Ian know
Underdub and you’ll blow
With your calyx above and your fretboard below