04 febbraio 2019

Torna la trilogia Robot Woman con tutti i relativi documenti sonori e grafici dell'epoca - tre album tra il 1981 e il 1986, e molto materiale inedito - raccolti in una meritoria riedizione completa a cura di Harry Williamson, diretto protagonista di Mother Gong assieme a Gilli Smyth. La si può ottenere tramite Burning Shed.

Gilli Smyth, co-founder of Gong alongside Daevid Allen, formed Mother Gong with Harry Williamson in 1978 and the Robot Woman trilogy is widely accepted as one of the pinnacles of the band's career. Previously only available on 3 vinyl LP releases pressed in small number in the 1980s this long-awaited release heralds the first appearance of Robot Woman 1, 2 and 3 on CD, something devoted Gongsters have been requesting for years. Also included is a fourth disc of fascinating 'Demos and Rarities'; 18 previously un-released unknown and hidden extras, the earliest of which dates from 1976. The audio on all the discs has been re-mastered by Harry Williamson at Spring Studios in Australia from his original master tape archive. All four discs are housed in a deluxe, full-coloured 64-page hardback book, which features all of the original album artwork and inserts, including the 15 page comic book companion to the Robot Woman 2 story - originally a large B&W poste - in glorious full colour (something desired but beyond the budget in 1980s).