09 febbraio 2019

Un bell'omaggio alle musiche di Carla Bley è l'album Around Again, inciso per l'etichetta Tum da Iro Haarla in trio con Ulf Krokfors e Barry Altschul. Particolare attenzione è rivolta alle composizioni dei primi anni Sessanta, scegliendone più d'una tra quelle incluse a suo tempo in Closer (1965), splendida opera del Paul Bley Trio in cui militava proprio Altschul.

Scrive la pianista finlandese: "I greatly admire Carla Bley as an artist - her wealth of ideas as a composer and arranger, the talent to write entirely her own kind of music for large orchestras (such as her extended compositions A Genuine Tong Funeral and Escalator Over the Hill as well as various recordings by Charlie Haden´s Liberation Music Orchestra and by her own ensembles). I also admire how, through her own strength and independence, she has had such a remarkable career in a time when women were not yet appreciated as "great artists" in the world of improvised music - at least not in Europe and perhaps even less so in the macho world of American jazz.
The suggestion to record our own interpretations of this music originally came from Ulf Krokfors. As a result, I have now had the opportunity to record some examples of the broad-ranging work of this composer I so admire. In keeping with Carla Bley´s versatility, the music on this recording covers emotions that range from one extreme to another. It was a particular pleasure to have the legendary Barry Altschul join Ulf and myself as the drummer of this trio. He knows so well how to interpret Carla Bley´s music in the piano trio context, as he was the longstanding drummer of the Paul Bley Trio and participated in the first recordings of a number of the compositions featured on this recording, including "Closer," "Batterie," "Ida Lupino," "And Now, The Queen" and "Start," which all come from the 1965 album Closer, one of the most important recordings of all time to me personally."