08 marzo 2019

Joni Mitchell fa coincidere con l'8 marzo l'uscita dell'album che ricorda i festeggiamenti dei suoi primi settantacinque anni, Joni 75-A Birthday Celebration, tratto dai concerti dello scorso novembre al Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles circondata da artisti e amici in una delle sue ormai rarissime uscite in pubblico: Brandi Carlile, Glen Hansard, Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, Chaka Khan, Diana Krall, Kris Kristofferson, Los Lobos con La Marisoul, Cesar Castro e Xochi Flores, Graham Nash, Seal, James Taylor e Rufus Wainwright. Ad esso si unisce idealmente anche la preziosa collezione in quattro atti concepiti per la danza Love Has Many Faces, curata personalmente da Joni cinque anni fa per la Rhino e da poco ripresa in una voluminosa edizione d'artista in vinile.

"Act One begins in the fifties. Two 15-year-old girls are standing front of a black burlesque show at the end of a mile-long midway. The music is seductive — jazzy — stripper music. They had been forbidden to stop there. “Don’t even look! Pass right on by!” In the background you hear the barker — “Step right up folks! The show is about to begin!” Rock ‘n’ roll is new and cars have given teenagers an unprecedented liberty. It continues into our materialistic and litigious times. Act Two is dark. It leads us into the perversion and corruption of these times until the wise little housekeeper, Hanna, lights the lamp. A healing begins. Humanity returns. The heart opens. The ability to love becomes a possibility. This act closes with an enchanted Night Ride Home. Act Three is the smitten act — the “in love” act until the imperfections corrode the harmony. This act defines what love is — ideally. Act Four is called If You Want Me I'll Be In The Bar. If danced, much of it would be a barroom setting — characters coming and going. Here, love of land, love of water, wanderlust, obsession, frustration — many “faces of love” appear and disappear. This act, the final act, has a warm and friendly ending — the dancers link arms and wish us all a lot of luck."