09 marzo 2019

L'anello di congiunzione fra Henry Cowell e Vincent Price non poteva fornirlo che Eugene Chadbourne, ed è una storia lunga e personale: The Banshee.

"I have a personal defense of my use of Vincent Price material, as through my entire life I have promoted his work with a fervor and ingenuity few PR maestros could come anywhere near. This campaign has distinct periods. There is the "Cathechism class" era of the Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe films, as a growing number of drop-outs from the Sacred Heart Saturday morning Cathechism class would join me at the Boulder Theatre for our "Holy Trinity" of Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. Shortly thereafter a fad broke out which involved yelling "Price! Price! Watch out! Price!" whenever danger was perceived or more likely faked, this came from his role in The Last Man on Earth.

When I was 17, my family moved to Calgary. A few months after settling in I wandered on bus (and then back on foot) to a movie theatre on entirely the otherside of town, (NW to SW) to see Vincent Price in the Abominable Dr. Phibes. It was still playing a month later and so I did the same thing again. Many of these fascinating exploits are chronicled in my book Dreamory. As a young father I shamelessly promoted Vincent Price with my children; now they are all fans. This circle will be unbroken so watch it, Price!

The Banshee is one of several selections from Henry Cowell’s book of solo piano pieces for which I have worked on creating guitar and banjo arrangements. Rob Magill and Daniel Masiel played The Banshee with me in an electric guitar trio during December of 2018. One night in we recorded two versions in Rob's garage on the outskirts of Ojai, California."