07 marzo 2019

L'incredibile storia di Vivian Stanshall scritta dalla persona che più gli è stata vicina, la moglie Ki Longfellow, e dalla quale, più che da ogni altra, egli stesso voleva venisse raccontata: The Illustrated Vivian Stanshall-A Fairytale of Grimm Art, con le illustrazioni di Ben Wickey, è finalmente un libro grazie a Eio Books.

"Vivian was a genius as Emily Dickinson was a genius, as Vincent van Gogh was a genius. All three were hopeless at being much of anything else. In her time, no one patronized Emily. No one printed her poems. Beyond her small insular Massachusetts family and one or two puzzled pen pals, no one had ever heard of her. In his time, no one bought what Vincent bled to paint. If they'd heard of him at all, he was the brunt of jokes. During his life, Vivian did a little bit better. He was revered by the cream of British musical talent, by its poets and painters and comics. Aside from these, and never more than a respectable number of fans, he was "Vivian who"?
The book I've written for him is not a biography of one of Britain's greatest 20th Century artists nor is it a piecing together of its most unusual band clamoring away in the midst of rock and roll. It's not even a small bittersweet memoir of our life together... although it has become a little of each in the writing. I saw as the words fell together on the page, Vivian's life was beautiful, dark and strange, a Grimm fairytale of art. With laughs."