01 marzo 2019

Un omaggio a Robert Wyatt (Zed He Said), un omaggio anche a Hugh Hopper e Soft Machine (Mini Hugh), ma soprattutto un omaggio alla migliore tradizione ('AmeriCanterbury') che a suo tempo seppero esprimere The Muffins: Dave Newhouse guida i suoi Manna/Mirage a una seconda ottima prova, Rest of the World, a pochi anni dall'esordio di Blue Dogs. Spiega: “When The Muffins broke up, I decided to start a band of rotating musicians that could express the old AmeriCanterbury sound that I thought The Muffins had been slipping away from for some time. Manna/Mirage is that collective that I hope is doing just that. The first album, Blue Dogs, consisted of half of the compositions (my pieces) that I removed from what was another Muffins album in progress. This second Manna/Mirage album, Rest of the World, is an album all on its own, not culled from another project, and a continuation of that AmeriCanterbury sound that I so love. The musicians, engineers, and artists that make up the Manna/Mirage “collective” (including Gonzalo Fuentes / Guerilla Graphics, Eric Kearns, and Mike Potter at Orion Studios), are all part of a unique and close national and international Independent Music Community on FB. Many of us have never met in person, but we feel like a very close knit “family”. I didn’t consciously set out to do this, but by the time I was almost finished with the album, I realized that I had most of that community on the album! Half of The Muffins are here (Billy Swann and me), all of Diratz (Carla Diratz, Bret Hart, and me), and all of Moon Men (Jerry King, William Jungwirth, Bret, and me) as well as Guy Segers from Univers Zero, Dereck Higgins, Mark Stanley, Sean Rickman, Forrest Fang, and Greg Segal. Three of the pieces on this album, “Catawampus”, “Zed He Said”, and “That Awful Sky”, were originally slated to be recorded as Muffins tunes before the band dissolved. “Zed He Said” is a tribute to Robert Wyatt. “Mini Hugh” is for Hugh Hopper and Soft Machine. All of it is the best AmeriCanterbury we can offer.”