06 aprile 2019

E poiché non c'è due senza tre ecco I Remain, da Split Seconds (1989). Grazie Billie! Grazie Miller!

Here is the third part in celebrating 70 years of the late, great, guitarist / composer and all round inspiration, Phil Miller. Phil’s 1989 album, Split Seconds, features the track Truly Yours which he dedicated to his wife, Herm. It is a feat of contrapuntal writing where the lines interweave with beautiful intrigue. The album also features a version arranged by Dave Stewart with Barbara Gaskin entitled I Remain, and this was the starting point for my version. Lyrically, I was inspired by Daevid Allen’s statement to fans in the weeks leading up to his own demise - thank you Daevid. I dedicate this version to all who are grieving, most especially Herm. Yet again, I hope this recording is some kind of tribute to a phenomenal presence in many of our musical lives. (Billie Bottle)