07 aprile 2019

Gli album di Ian Carr e Nucleus da Elastic Rock a Alleycat, già oggetto in passato di ristampe e ripubblicazioni varie, sono ora raggruppati - ma un po' scomposti rispetto alle edizioni originali - da Esoteric Recordings in un box antologico dal titolo Torrid Zone-The Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975. Dalle note di copertina del celebre album d'esordio viene riportata la dichiarazione d'intenti di Carr: "Nucleus is just what the word implies - a small, tightly knit group of musicians. We’re all closely involved with each other musically, and some of us have played together in different contexts before, but this is the first time we’ve met to try and realise our common musical ideals. We see music as a continuous process and have tried to express this on the album. We mean continuous not simply in the physical sense of non-stop sets, but in the general sense that we don’t recognise rigid boundaries, but try to use our total musical experience, whatever it may be".