16 aprile 2019

E il ricordo degli Henry Cow ritorna, liberamente ma intenzionalmente, anche nel lavoro del flautista Michel Edelin realizzato lo scorso settembre assieme a Sophia Domancich, Sylvain Kassap, Stéphane Kerecki e Simon Goubert, con ospite John Greaves: Echoes of Henry Cow, in uscita a giorni per RogueArt. Scrive Aymeric Leroy nelle note di copertina: "This album should in no way be mistaken for a "tribute" to Henry Cow, let alone a faithful recreation, in spirit and/or letter, of their music, rather – and this is how the title chose by Michel Édelin should be understood - its echoes (much transformed during its long journey through time, space, memory and the mysterious twists and turns of the creative process) in his own musical inner world."