29 aprile 2019

La scaletta dei brani la si conosceva già da qualche giorno, ora c'è anche la copertina. Manca soltanto l'album - The Godfather Of Odd-A Hardy Fox Tribute - ma l'attesa è ormai breve. Scrive Walter Robotka, che ne cura la pubblicazione per Klanggalerie: "In 2015 Hardy Fox retired from The Residents, and two years later identified himself as the band's co-founder and primary composer. Hardy continued to record under various pseudonyms, best known as Charles Bobuck, until later he worked under his own name and released such seminal albums as Heart or Rilla contemplates Love. A week before his untimely death, Hardy recorded a very personal good-bye to his fans, a mini album entitled 25 Minus Minutes. For many of us, Hardy wasn't only a genius musician, but also a close personal friend. Philippe Perreaudin and I have thus put together a tribute album to him which collects specifically recorded music by former label mates, collaborators and friends, and also some musical admirers. The cover was made by Helge Wagner and it also features a piece of art by Liz Robotka."