19 aprile 2019

Puntuale a ogni luna piena arriva un nuovo episodio di Canterbury Sans Frontières, e siamo già al numero settanta da quando è avvenuto il passaggio di testimone dalla precedente serie Canterbury Soundwaves. Scrive Matthew Watkins: "Matching Mole contemplate Britain's role in Europe, Egg loosely wring out the ground (with the help of their old friend Steve Hillage), Gong contribute to the soundtrack of a motorcycle racing film, Soft Machine display their "Teeth" and Hatfield and the North get an extended case of "Mumps". Also, a 1973 John Peel session track from Henry Cow, a lullaby from Kevin Ayers, Robert Wyatt and friends singing Harold Pinter, and a selection from Robert himself -- a slab of Turkmenistani spiritual jazz fusion from '79! Sun Ra solo in 1980, Jon Hassell live in '82, NYC's Sunwatchers covering Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley remixed and a gentle gem from early 70s Floyd. From the Canterbury of recent times, the only 4/4 track on the last Lapis Lazuli album and some deep melancholia from Anthony "Stray Ghost" Saggers."