25 aprile 2019

Si prepara la strada per il lungo addio dei Pere Ubu - indicando una svolta, ma non ancora uno stop alle attività del gruppo - con un album annunciato per luglio in due formati e toni hardboiled (The Long Goodbye, appunto) e una serie di concerti progettati con cura fino al 2020. La versione in cd conterrà anche il concerto dello scorso dicembre a Montreuil (Francia), quando in formazione c'erano David Thomas, Keith Moliné, Gagarin e Chris Cutler. Saranno proprio loro ad inaugurare i nuovi appuntamenti dal vivo il prossimo settembre, alla Bush Hall di Londra.

Ne parla per esteso lo stesso David Thomas a Danil Volohov di Peek-A-Boo: "I’m always thinking about “What’s next ?” – I don’t look backwards. I don’t sit here and think: “Oh! Everything is going well!” or “Everything is great!” We inherited this magnificent vehicle and I thought to myself: “Oh, I’m gonna get this thing out of its state and see what It can do!” – and I open that baby up. I push that pedal to the floor. It was satisfying! I was driving through the wilderness. After a while there is an “Exit” sign on a freeway, saying “Satisfied City – Exit – One mile”. I think to myself: “Yeah, I’m going to get to Satisfied City and get a house, settle down… and be happy doing something normal! I always wanted to work in an office or superstore. Or maybe I can get myself a little office supply store and sell paper clips…” But then I see the road disappear over the horizon. I see the road disappear over the next hill. And I’ve got to know what is over that hill. I have to know! So I drive on! I cross the great continent. Now I’m at the point when I’m looking down the road to the hill. And see the road disappear. I’m 65 years old. The road is running out for me. I don’t have much road left. I know that the end is coming. And I can see the end now. When you’re 20 – you don’t see the end. When you’re 30 – you don’t see the end. When you’re 40, 50 you kind of began to think: “Hmmmm, maybe there is an end. But I’m at the point when I can see the end. It’s really clear. So I've just got more to do. I still haven’t started my major process which is to reconfigure classical music. I always wanted to go and rewrite classical music. The rules and the forms. I should have studied mathematics because I know that the main problem with mathematics and physics and science is the notion of there being a zero. Of being a zero and being an infinity. So I need to prove mathematically, that these things are illusions. They don’t exist. But I don’t have time anymore. I've given that one up. So the things that I can do… I’m pushing the pedal to the floor now. That’s all."