26 maggio 2019

Dell'ampio e mutevole ensemble Ottawa Music Company guidato a inizio anni Settanta da Dave Stewart e Chris Cutler si ha pochissimo materiale, si sa: i ricordi di qualche diretto protagonista - Cutler, in particolare - qualche foto, un paio di programmi di sala (illustratissimi e creativi), e forse nessuna traccia audio. Ci toccherà continuare a immaginarla, perciò, la 'loro' Moon in June, cantata da Barbara Gaskin...

This large rock orchestra led in 1971-72 by Dave Stewart and Chris Cutler has unfortunately left no recorded legacy of its two-year existence. Cutler : "Before I joined Henry Cow, I was looking for interesting people to work with. I met a lot of them, many who were musicians second and wanted to do something else for a living. I knew Egg very well in those days, and lived in a house with Steve Hillage and so on. I had the idea to make a kind of rock composers orchestra to play music by these people - because there were a lot of great composers with no performers to make their music live. There were about five composers I guess - Bill Phillips, Bob Chudley, Bob Bery, Anthony Marshall and Michael Hooper -, and these were mostly composers who weren't in groups and whose music wasn't being heard at all, and who have subsequently just vanished. It's a great shame. With Dave Stewart, I formed the group. The other members of Egg were involved, Steve Hillage too in Ottawa #1 [as well as flautist/guitarist Jeremy Baines] - but the point was the other, 'unknown' people - we were 26 people altogether - a pool of composers and players. I joined Henry Cow during this period, and the #2 Ottawa included Henry Cow. We played Robert Wyatt's "Moon In June" - as a tribute - and "Peaches En Regalia" and "Dali's Car" - for fun - but again the point was that we played the music of the members of the Ottawa Company. Not repeat, not so-called Canterbury stuff. There were few concerts, about seven gigs in all - they were big undertakings, a lot of rehearsal and a lot of musicians on stage. The idea of it was that a pool of musicians existed to play music that was composed ideally for them". The Ottawa Music Company was the first outlet to showcase Stewart's talents as composer and to assemble future Northettes Amanda Parsons, Barbara Gaskin and Ann Rosenthal (in the final line-up).