10 maggio 2019

La collaborazione tra Peter Hammill e il gruppo svedese Ilsidurs Bane all'origine dell'album In Amazonia è accolta con grande favore, specialmente da chi ne ha seguito la presentazione dal vivo pochi giorni fa al festival portoghese Gouveia Art Rock. Con loro c'era anche Karin Nakagawa. coinvolta fin dall'inizio nella realizzazione del progetto. Scrive Richard Williams: "I love this record, for itself as well as for the fact that it arrives at a place where European rock music seemed to be heading when it veered away from American influences 50 years ago. To fulfil some of the promises made so long ago, while, sounding completely fresh and contemporary, is quite an achievement. And Hammill, 70 years old, is still going at full throttle, intensity and creativity undimmed." E anche il diretto interessato è soddisfatto: "It’s been an unusual writing process, working from the inside out and never quite sure what the ultimate destination was going to be. From my own point of view, in itself this produced a loose linkage, some narrative and musical connection between the pieces. Naturally, since the stuff isn’t structurally based on my own architecture, it’s also a long way from any (musical) norms of my own, so I think I’ve come up with something quite unusual."