08 giugno 2019

Bob Drake parla del suo rapporto creativo con Joe Mruk, artefice delle indimenticabili illustrazioni che caratterizzano iconograficamente i suoi ultimi tre album - Lawn Ornaments, Arx Pilosa e L'Isola dei Lupi, tutti prodotti da ReR - al punto da accompagnarne e sostenerne l'impianto tematico e narrativo: "Our working relationship began in 2013, I think… I do know it was when I was just finishing up Lawn Ornaments and starting to wonder what to do about cover art. Then came an email out of the blue from Joe, who I hadn’t heard of until then, saying he liked my music and that he’d like to design a poster for a gig if I ever needed one. I took a look at his website, didn’t take more than a few moments of browsing there before I asked if he’d do the design for Lawn Ornaments. He did… not only the cover, but he wanted to do an illustration for each song! Since then he’s also done the subsequent albums Arx Pilosa and L’Isola dei Lupi, giving them all that recogniseable consistent look and design. How fortunate for me that he contacted me back then eh? So now, please go visit his website! As you’ll see he does lots of album covers for lots of bands, illustrations for many Pittsburgh area festivals and events, amazing wood sculptures, maps, T-shirt designs, etc etc."