10 giugno 2019

Il premio annuale intitolato alla memoria di Phil Miller, recentemente istituito presso il Dipartimento Jazz del Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, verrà assegnato per la prima volta questa sera nel corso di una cerimonia cui prenderanno parte con le loro proposte gli allievi della scuola. Il riconoscimento andrà al solo di chitarra ritenuto più meritevole dalla giuria, formata da due cari amici e colleghi di Miller: Fred T. Baker e John Etheridge.

Phil Miller (1949-2017) was a progressive rock and jazz guitarist associated with bands such as In Cahoots, Soft Machine, National Health and Short Wave. Conservatoire guitar and bass tutor Fred Thelonious Baker was a fellow musician with Phil Miller for many years and has helped set up this prize in honour of Phil’s great musicianship and contribution to the scene. We thank the Miller family for the generous support of the prize and we are glad that this new annual feature in our calendar will keep the legacy of Phil’s playing alive.

The prize is a solo guitar prize and the brief is wide open. Our students entering the prize can offer any style from free jazz to rock to contemporary jazz and beyond. Our panel of Fred Baker and John Etheridge will hear each soloist in turn with you the audience and then award the best solo feature of the night. After the presentation of the award there will be encores from the winner and special features from Fred Thelonious Baker and John Etheridge. This promises to be a great night out and a fitting tribute to a British guitar legend.