09 giugno 2019

Il vivace dialogo via posta elettronica tra autori e pubblico che una decina d'anni fa caratterizzò - e in buona misura influenzò - la trama e lo svolgersi degli eventi del composito progetto interattivo The Bunny Boy dei Residents è ora raccolto in un libro redatto da Jen Kraynak e Paulie Kraynak per lo stesso collettivo francese Bandits-Mages che ha prodotto la straordinaria esposizione da pochi giorni conclusa al centro d'arte Transpalette a Bourges: The Bunny Boy Emails.

The Bandits-Mages association met The Residents in June 2016. Since then, they have been envisioning the publishing of this rare, almost magic and uncanny correspondance between The Bunny Boy and numerous real people around the world. A selection of email picked by Jen and Paulie Kraynak, inviting you to follow the whole investigation of The Bunny Boy.
The genesis of the project was an old acquaintance of The Residents coming back into their lives after a long absence. They received a bizarre collection of videos of a man (Bunny) pleading for help to find his brother. The Residents recognized their old friend, and decided to help by retelling his story so that it would reach more people. The album The Bunny Boy released on the 09/01/2008 is the first part of a bigger project. A webseries soon appears on YouTube. As the two medias are closely intertwined, the songs are the base of the story depicted in the videos. They provide a lot of clues about what we will find in each episode. The combination of the two was used as the structure for the live show. As the serie was interactive, the viewers were invited to correspond with Bunny via email. Their comments and advice would shape the narrative of the series. In total there were 66 episodes, a soundtrack album, a music album, a tour, and a DVD.