17 giugno 2019

Le circostanze sono terribili, ma il risultato è magnifico: i Garlands, papà David e figlio Kenji, prendono chitarra a dodici corde e sintetizzatore modulare e li fanno dialogare fino a farne una l'estensione dell'altro, perché la musica che ne nasce dia coraggio e conforto (anche) ad Anne. E' un primo capitolo, Vulneraries: "Vulnerary is an archaic term for a medication - herb, balm or, in this case, music - used to promote the healing of wounds.
In October, 2018, my wife Anne Garland was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. Instances of this adenocarcinoma in female “never smokers” like Anne is apparently increasing world-wide. She is being treated with radiation and chemotherapy, with the hope that this aggressive disease can be reduced and held at bay for a while. Our son Kenji has been able to visit for extended periods in our Hudson Valley home to care for Anne with me. Anne has been exhausted by the illness, treatments, and medications. Often while she has been resting or sleeping, Kenji and I have set up our instruments downstairs below the bedroom to play music, providing sonic solace for Anne and ourselves.
I’ve never doubted the power of music to convey the ineffable, ignite the senses, provoke and provide catharsis, to soothe and console, and in those ways and others, to heal. We hope this music lives up to that potential. Our conception of healing music encompasses anger and grief along with kindness, love, and compassion; and our conception of beauty includes dissonance and noise. Tonality in these unhurried pieces is kept quite simple, allowing the guitar’s resonances to blossom."