04 giugno 2019

Omaggi a Wyatt li porge anche Elaine Gorton dalle vetrine - e dal laboratorio di ceramica sul retro - del suo Crackpot a Louth: "Art is my life. I’ve admired artists, studied art, criticised techniques and perfected my own talents. Art can convey many messages, from portraits to oil paintings through sculpture and modelling, but above all else, for me art is inspiration. The inspiration to create and adapt and refine and realise. That’s what Crackpot is all about, the freedom to explore your own creativity, make your own mark and create your own masterpieces. I used to think that creativity was a gift; perfected by the few and admired by the many. Now I realise that the real gift is being able to share my love with the world. Just don’t ask me why I called it Crackpot!”

16 Queen Street
LN11 9AU