19 giugno 2019

Un album di Peter Lemer rimasto negli archivi per oltre quarant'anni vede oggi la luce grazie all'interessamento di Art of Life Records: si intitola Jet Yellow, frutto di un paio di sessioni in studio risalenti al maggio 1977, quando con Lemer c'erano Laurie Allan, Francis Moze e brevemente anche Allan Holdsworth. Così ricorda il tastierista: "We were invited by Nick Mason, via Nick Griffiths, Pink Floyd's studio engineer, to record this session as a 'warm-up' for Britannia Row Studios. At around this time Annette Peacock called Allan Holdsworth, Francis Moze, and a south american drummer named Solar, who had a ginormous custom-built Rogers drum kit, and myself to explore the possibilities of a new line-up - which sadly didn't get off the ground. As a result, I invited Allan to join us for the song Dognose and the possibilities this particular line-up opened up were, and are, unimaginable. The trio played some gigs before and after this recording and disbanded not long after. Laurie Allan and I had been musical chums for many years with a delightful string of bassists: John Mitchell, Jeff Clyne, Johnny Dyani, Steve Cook and others. On Jet Yellow we were joined by Francis Moze who brought his fluid and inventive style to the music."