16 luglio 2019

Già che c'è luna piena (con eclissi), Matthew Watkins pubblica un nuovo episodio della sua serie Canterbury Sans Frontières: "Steve Hillage in '79, North Sea Radio Orchestra covering Robert Wyatt, John Greaves impersonating both Ivor Cutler and William Burroughs (on separate occasions), Henry Cow with Wyatt in Rome '75, a future member of Whitesnake (!) playing bass with National Health live in '77, Robert Fripp with Theo Travis fairly recently, Kevin Ayers getting rather dark in his heyday, an interesting early 90s mutation of Gong playing a classic, some Ethiopique, some Tropicalia, and Mike Ratledge at the piano playing a jazz standard circa 1963. From the Canterbury of today, another composition by Aidan Shepherd as recorded by London fusioneers Ruby Rushton and a long free jam from Lapis Lazuli recorded live last winter."