20 luglio 2019

I magnifici scatti originali di Kim Fyson e una registrazione d'archivio in possesso di Aymeric Leroy consentono un viaggetto con la macchina del tempo per assistere a un concerto degli Hatfield and the North in versione allargata (con ospiti Robert Wyatt, Alan Gowen, Steve Miller, Lol Coxhill, Lyn Dobson, Jimmy Hastings, Jeremy Baines e le impareggiabili Northettes). Università di Cambridge, Lady Mitchell Hall, 10 maggio 1974: (Son Of) There’s No Place Like Homerton.

"A "time machine" moment - if such devices existed, I would probably ask to be teleported back to April/May 1974 when Hatfield and the North played a series of 'big band' concerts, of which Dave Stewart's epic (Son Of) There's No Place Like Homerton was the highlight. Well, time machines don't exist, as far as I know, and none of the three shows were filmed. But we have Kim Fyson to thank for some truly wonderful photos of the Cambridge gig, and this is my attempt, using those, to visually and sonically recreate this moment only very few of us were privileged to experience first hand. Enjoy!" (Aymeric Leroy)