18 agosto 2019

Insieme manifesto artistico e racconto autobiografico, è giunto alle stampe l'atteso libro di Elliott Sharp IrRational Music, pubblicato da Terra Nova Press seguendo il successo di una campagna di finanziamento collettivo attivata via Kickstarter.

Elliott Sharp's new book IrRational Music is a mix of memoir, music theory, and ruminations on culture, art, and philosophy. Speaking of IrRational Music, author Jonathan Lethem states “Elliott Sharp’s writing, like his music, recombines the scrupulously discursive with the deeply humane and reflective. What a joy it is to be informed by this remarkable account of the coming-of-age of his psyche, his curiosity, and his methodology. Sharp paints a picture of lost kingdoms of the avant-garde which aren’t really lost, but continuous in our present if we’re inclined to notice them. With this book, a reader joins Sharp in the step-by-step reinvigoration of intentional sound itself – sound as culture, as science, as art -- a process that can never be finished.” From composer and electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick: "Sharp is of the first generation of composers to come of age in a musical environment when everything seemed connected; Gregorian Chant to John Cage's chance. His book, IrRational Music, is a fascinating window into that moment in time when music opened up to everyone and all things became possible.”

17 agosto 2019

L'autobiografia di Paul Sears, poliedrico batterista nei Muffins e in innumerevoli altre formazioni, è pubblicata da Stairway Press con un bel cd antologico di complemento e un titolo che rende omaggio a una delle passioni musicali del titolare, Sun Ra: Angels and Demons That Play.

Angels and Demons That Play is a mostly chronological narrative about my life in music with the occasional foray elsewhere. Some of it is jumbled date wise because of the many connections from different times. Think of it as sort of a low rent version of Frank Zappa's Conceptual Continuity concept. It is written entirely from memory, and includes comments from many friends and contributors. Among these are actual journalists and published writers; Jamil Guellal, John Paige, Ted White aka Doctor Progresso, and Michael Layne Heath. Additionally, Jamil, Ted, and John were all DJs at one time on WGTB-FM in Washington DC during the 1970s.
The title is a nod of respect to, & a variation of the title of the great 1960s record entitled Angels and Demons At Play, by Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra. Special thanks to Nick Prol, who provided the wonderful art and great cartoons. I have been thinking of doing this book project for years, but it was Chad Hutchinson, a friend and co-founder of the popular NEARfest progressive rock festival in Pennsylvania who sealed the deal – he got tired of hearing wacky stories a few years back, and said “Just write a book, willya?” So I did. I treated this book project as kind of a casual “I'll do it someday DIY project” until an actual publisher, Stairway Press, dropped into my lap a couple of years ago, and expressed interest in doing it proper.


16 agosto 2019

Ma ad uscire allo scoperto per il suo libro sarà presto l'autore stesso, Benjamin Piekut, con un primo incontro pubblico in programma al Cafe Oto londinese il prossimo 13 ottobre. Con lui saranno David Toop, Cutler, Hodgkinson, Georgina Born e forse altri.

In its open improvisations, lapidary lyrics, errant melodies, and relentless pursuit of spontaneity, the British experimental band Henry Cow pushed rock music to its limits. Its rotating personnel, sprung from rock, free jazz, and orchestral worlds, synthesized a distinct sound that troubled genre lines, and with this musical diversity came a mixed politics, including Maoism, communism, feminism, and Italian Marxism.
In Henry Cow: The World Is a Problem Benjamin Piekut tells the band’s story—from its founding in Cambridge in 1968 and later affiliation with Virgin Records to its demise ten years later—and analyzes its varied efforts to link aesthetics with politics. Drawing on ninety interviews with Henry Cow musicians and crew, letters, notebooks, scores, journals, and meeting notes, Piekut traces the group’s pursuit of a political and musical collectivism, offering up its history as but one example of the vernacular avant-garde that emerged in the decades after World War II. Henry Cow’s story resonates far beyond its inimitable music; it speaks to the avant-garde’s unpredictable potential to transform the world.
For this event we're pleased to present author Benjamin Piekut in conversation with David Toop, with special guests Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson, Georgina Born, and possibly other Cows. All will be available to sign copies. Book sales provided by ReR Megacorp.


15 agosto 2019

Tra i primi a uscire allo scoperto riguardo il libro di Benjamin Piekut Henry Cow-The World Is A Problem è Phil England, ne scrive sul numero di settembre della rivista The Wire e infine commenta: "Piekut's account is a fascinating and pacey read, stitched together painstakingly from over 90 original interviews and both public and private texts including Hodgkinson’s extensive diaries. The combination of narrative background, musical analysis and critical insight should open the door for a new generation of listeners. It has certainly enabled me to appreciate music I’d previously found impenetrable."

Henry Cow-The World Is A Problem

14 agosto 2019

Altro recupero di grande interesse lo opera Klanggalerie nei confronti di Regular Music e dell'omonimo album di esordio, uscito per Rough Trade nel 1985 e mai ripubblicato da allora. Alcuni ricorderanno l'ensemble tra i protagonisti della primissima edizione del Festival Mimi, a St Remy (Francia) a inizio luglio 1986, quando il cartellone - anzi, il volantino - sfoggiava nomi quali Etron Fou Leloublan, Remotobs, Joseph Racaille, Les Batteries, Pascal Comelade con Bel Canto, Virgule 4 e Skeleton Crew. Sull'album che ne riportò una succinta sintesi finì anche uno dei loro brani più rappresentativi, Idyllic Rhythms.


13 agosto 2019

Important Records recupera in vinile un prezioso documento frutto dell'incontro a metà anni Ottanta di due grandi artisti della fisarmonica, Pauline Oliveros e Guy Klucevsek, circolato all'epoca soltanto in audiocassetta. Si tratta di Sounding / Way, con le composizioni Tremolo No. 6 e The Tuning Meditation eseguite insieme dai due.

Pauline Oliveros and Guy Klucevsek's Sounding / Way was originally released on cassette in 1986 and has been out of print ever since. This LP was cut by John Golden and pressed at RTI in order to achieve a quiet, dynamic pressing. The Sounding / Way concept was simple. Each artist would write a piece for two accordions and then they would perform them together. Thus, side A contains Guy Klucevsek's Tremolo No. 6 performed by Guy Klucevsek and Pauline Oliveros. Side B contains Pauline's composition The Tuning Meditation, also performed by both Pauline and Guy.
This is the second release in an on-going effort between Important Records and the Pauline Oliveros Trust to maintain and promote the music, philosophy and legacy of Pauline Oliveros.


12 agosto 2019

L'anno scorso, a sessant'anni dal celebre scatto fotografico di Art Kane A Great Day in Harlem - una sessantina di giganti del jazz tra cui Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins, Mary Lou Williams, Lester Young, Charles Mingus, Gerry Mulligan e Count Basie tutti in bella posa al numero 17 di 126th Street ad Harlem, New York - il sassofonista e bandleader Ed Palermo ha voluto rendervi omaggio andando a farsi riprendere esattamente nello stesso punto, stesso giorno e stessa ora. La foto, di Hugh Brennan, è ora la copertina del suo più recente album, su Sky Cat Records: A Lousy Day in Harlem. Dice Palermo: "The thing about this record is, I wanted it to be jazzier. We play a lot of jazz in my band, but I’ve been doing Zappa and British Invasion stuff for years and I’ve had these other types of music in my book, jazz tunes that had been close to my heart for decades. I finally felt ready to record these tunes – tunes I’d composed, and tunes I’d arranged. It felt like the right time to show the world another side of the band."

On 10am on August 12, 2018, exactly sixty years to the day and hour that Art Kane called NY's jazz artists to assemble for the Great Day in Harlem group photo, arranger / composer / saxophonist / bandleader Ed Palermo sat on the curb at No. 17 126th Street in Harlem, inches from where Count Basie once sat, to shoot the cover photo and album art for A Lousy Day in Harlem, his new album. Unlike his previous albums, this one focused entirely on jazz tunes and originals, a jazz tribute entirely immersed in tradition, shot through the lens of Palermo's playful genius. Palermo has always worked within the jazz tradition, but the jazz-centric focus of A Lousy Day in Harlem makes his dedication to tradition clear.

Palermo leads The Ed Palermo Big Band, an 18 piece NYC-based jazz big band known for superb musicianship and unprecedented big band jazz arrangements of tunes by rock musicians such as Frank Zappa, Todd Rundgren, The Beatles and more. With numerous studio albums on Cuneiform Records and frequent live performances, Palermo's music has won followers among jazz and rock fans, music critics and the general public alike. Like many jazz musicians from the past, he draws inspiration and audiences by looking to popular music of his generation – which for Palermo means pop and rock musicians from the 1960s onward, and not folk, gospel and blues from the distant past. Unlike other contemporary early 21st century big band leaders, he arranges music very much within the jazz tradition – music by the Ed Palermo Big Band, like music by the Count Basie Orchestra, swings. And EPBB concerts are rooted in the early 20th century tradition of big band jazz as popular entertainment: highly entertaining, fun events that delight audiences in search of great tunes, brilliantly arranged, and great musicianship.


11 agosto 2019

Alla maratona musicale di dodici ore che concluse alla sua dodicesima notte il Knaakfestival di Rotterdam il 12 giugno 1971 partecipò anche il grande ensemble guidato da Keith Tippett, Centipede. Alcuni scatti di Stuart De Jong - tra cui uno che ritrae in azione insieme, cosa assai rara, Fripp e Wyatt - sono affiorati in rete di recente, assieme a una breve cronaca dell'evento in Doelengeheugen, dove si cita anche l'esibizione all'alba di Kevin Ayers & The Whole World con We Did It Again. Avranno fatto anche Why Are We Sleeping?


10 agosto 2019

La genesi e l'evoluzione dell'originale progetto sulle musiche di Gabriel Fauré del quartetto francese Baum - Olivier Mellano, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Gouverneur, Simon Dalmais - racchiuso nell'album Ici-bas (Sony Classics, 2018) sono al centro di un documentario realizzato da Pauline Jardel, che ne ha voluto seguire tutte le fasi di realizzazione, dalle prove iniziali alle sessioni di studio, fino al clamoroso debutto l'anno scorso al Festival d'Avignone presso il celebre Palazzo dei Papi. Il film è ora disponibile anche in dvd: Fauré, Baum et les autres, per Girelle Production / Bip TV. Tra gli interpreti ci sono Dominique A, Jeanne Added, BabX, Camille, Élise Caron, Judith Chemla, Hugh Coltman, John Greaves, Piers Faccini, Philippe Katerine, Kyrie Kristmanson, JP Nataf, Sandra Nkaké, Himiko Paganotti, Rosemary Standley.


09 agosto 2019

Ottima occasione per conoscere il raffinato lavoro iper-tecnologico del compositore e chitarrista Steve MacLean è offerta da ReR Megacorp, che raccoglie in un box a prezzo amichevole diverse sue produzioni anche molto recenti, poco conosciute e rare: Frog Bug Guitar Computer; Prime; GPS; il bel duo con Chris Cutler The Year of the Dragon; il doppio BridgesRadial Circuit e Ordinary Objects and Other Distractions: Box of Seven.

Steve MacLean is a Professor in the Electronic Production and Design Dept at Berklee College of Music. A guitarist, composer, producer, and engineer, he has been evolving with music technology since the early '80s, when he worked in a New York City recording studio and had hands-on with early versions of the Fairlight CMI, DX-7, Linn Drum, mixing consoles and digital audio samplers. Later, he founded his own recording and production studio and produced and engineered hundreds of artists and numerous award-winning projects including scores for over two hundred commercials and soundtracks as well as a constant artistic output of his own works.
An active performer and composer for more than thirty five years including numerous concerts with Roswell Rudd, Chris Cutler, MeRCy, Steve MacLean Ensemble and a host of Boston-based improvisers. He was co-founder of the Portland Experimental Music Collective, has performed original compositions at numerous new music festivals, including several pieces for New Music Across America and similar events. An innovator in the new music circuit, he was curator for a series of concerts 2001 New Music Odyssey, and continues to release recordings internationally.


08 agosto 2019

Per il suo programma The Organ Presents The Other Rock Show su Resonance FM Marina Anthony ha avuto ospite di recente il grande Bob Drake: la puntata è quella del 21 luglio, ed è conservata presso Mixcloud. Drake è stato intervistato la settimana scorsa anche da Jakob e Sirius di Zoofonix: l'episodio in podcast è del 3 agosto.


07 agosto 2019

Due curiosi lavori di fine anni Settanta riconducibili al giro Muffins, con parecchi di loro coinvolti, che hanno come titolare Mike Bass, con o senza la sua Moderately Sized Orchestra: Parchesi Pie (1978) e Painting by Numbers (1979), recentemente recuperati presso Progressive Reviews (e il secondo anche in Bandcamp).


06 agosto 2019

Delle ultime esibizioni di This Is Not This Heat - un pugno di date negli Stati Uniti pochi giorni fa, dopo l'addio londinese dello scorso maggio - rimane documentata in un video quasi integrale quella ad Atlanta (Georgia) lunedì scorso. Con un emozionato saluto da Charles Hayward: "The final US gigs were beautiful intense experiences. Love to all. The music continues to grow and change. Love to all. Silence is a rhythm too. Love to all".


05 agosto 2019

Un po' anche per sottolineare l'anniversario in questi giorni di Rock Bottom, Aymeric Leroy si inventa una mini-serie estiva di sei episodi basandosi su un'intervista a Robert Wyatt del 2001 e li pubblica uno alla settimana su YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/YTLeroy

04 agosto 2019

Siamo ormai a buon punto, fa sapere Jonny Greene di Planet Gong. Anche per prenotarne una copia: "The fabulous forthcoming Gong box-set Love From Planet Gong: The Virgin Years 1973-75 will be available to pre-order here in the Planet Gong Bazaar this weekend. Box-sets ordered from the Planet Gong will come with an exclusive, limited re-print of the 1970's Gong Mandala promo poster."

Curated by Steve Hillage and released with the full involvement of original members, legendary psychedelic surrealists Gong are the subject of a new box set with the release of Love From Planet Gong: The Virgin Years 1973-75 on September 27th 2019, Released to coincide with Gong’s 50th Anniversary, the box set covers the band’s classic years in a stunning package that includes: their seminal first four Virgin studio albums plus bonus tracks; previously unreleased, multi-tracked full gigs, the complete John Peel Sessions from 1973 and 1974; previously unreleased quad Pye and Westlake mixes of ‘You’ re-formatted to 5.1 surround-sound, and artwork including rare and previously unseen work by the late Daevid Allen. Under the visionary guidance of Daevid Allen, Gong raised the bar for psychedelic rock in the 1970s. The first three albums Gong recorded for the Virgin label—Flying Teapot, Angel’s Egg & You—introduced the listener to the invisible mythyological universe of Pot Head Pixies, Zero The Hero, The Octave Doctors and The Good Witch Yoni. Featuring sublime virtuoso guitar from Steve Hillage, Gong’s intoxicating, space-rock inflected compositions such as ‘Radio Gnome Invisible’ ‘The Isle Of Everywhere’, ‘Master Builder’, ‘Inner Temple/Outer Temple’ ‘Shamal’, ‘Flying Teapot’ and ‘Oily Way’ are all an absolute joy to experience, re-mastered by original engineer Simon Heyworth and sounding as crisp and inventive as ever.


03 agosto 2019

Già annunciata qualche tempo fa, sarà presto pronta - si parla di metà ottobre - la riproposta dei tre magnifici box di Henry Cow in un'unica nuova confezione, con una revisione audio degli album di studio e parecchi materiali informativi aggiuntivi. Oh, e gli extra di Cabinet of Curiosities. E un discreto sconto per chi acquista anche il libro di Ben Piekut. E qualcos'altro ancora per i sottoscrittori della prima ora...

This collection brings together the full contents of the three former boxes, with the addition of a further 60pp booklet of newly unearthed, or commissioned, band commentaries, pictures and other documents prepared specifically for this release - as well as re-mastered versions of all the studio CDs and the rare bonus CD (Cabinet of Curiosities), which came with the subscription edition of the original boxed set. Subscribers only will also receive an extra numbered edition subscription CD of more newly recovered, discovered and previously unreleased recordings.

All The Cows In One Box

02 agosto 2019

Il glorioso debuto dell'ottetto di Louis Moholo Spirits Rejoice! torna in vinile per la prima volta dopo la pubblicazione su Ogun nel 1978. E' un'iniziativa del Cafe Oto londinese per Otoroku, limitata a mille copie: "We're extremely proud to present the first vinyl reissue of one of the most legendary free jazz records ever produced. Originally released in 1978 on Ogun recordings, Louis Moholo Octet’s Spirits Rejoice! is a high achievement in the movement of the era as it soars beyond oppression with a raucous and spiritually uplifting surge of movement and melody. Featuring Harry Miller, Johnny Dyani, Keith Tippett, Evan Parker, Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti and Kenny Wheeler, this is former Blue Note artist Louis Moholo’s first album under his own name and is a classic example of the cross-pollination between South African and British players. Mongezi Feza’s You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me alone is enough to make your life a better place. This 2019 re-issue has been made with permission and in association with Ogun records and features an exact reproduction of the original artwork and liner notes along with new liner notes from Matthew Wright. Remastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and packaged in a high gloss sleeve this is the definitive release of one of the absolute free jazz classics of the 20th Century."


01 agosto 2019

In tanti tanti anni è la prima volta che si fanno intervistare insieme. Keith e Julie Tippett parlano con Mike Barnes, per il numero di questo mese della rivista The Wire: The Connected World.