17 agosto 2019

L'autobiografia di Paul Sears, poliedrico batterista nei Muffins e in innumerevoli altre formazioni, è pubblicata da Stairway Press con un bel cd antologico di complemento e un titolo che rende omaggio a una delle passioni musicali del titolare, Sun Ra: Angels and Demons That Play.

Angels and Demons That Play is a mostly chronological narrative about my life in music with the occasional foray elsewhere. Some of it is jumbled date wise because of the many connections from different times. Think of it as sort of a low rent version of Frank Zappa's Conceptual Continuity concept. It is written entirely from memory, and includes comments from many friends and contributors. Among these are actual journalists and published writers; Jamil Guellal, John Paige, Ted White aka Doctor Progresso, and Michael Layne Heath. Additionally, Jamil, Ted, and John were all DJs at one time on WGTB-FM in Washington DC during the 1970s.
The title is a nod of respect to, & a variation of the title of the great 1960s record entitled Angels and Demons At Play, by Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra. Special thanks to Nick Prol, who provided the wonderful art and great cartoons. I have been thinking of doing this book project for years, but it was Chad Hutchinson, a friend and co-founder of the popular NEARfest progressive rock festival in Pennsylvania who sealed the deal – he got tired of hearing wacky stories a few years back, and said “Just write a book, willya?” So I did. I treated this book project as kind of a casual “I'll do it someday DIY project” until an actual publisher, Stairway Press, dropped into my lap a couple of years ago, and expressed interest in doing it proper.