17 settembre 2019

Esce per Aural Terrains Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics, un affascinante percorso sonoro indicato dai timbri più gravi di sassofoni, clarinetti e dall'elettronica sotto la guida di quattro esperti di acusmatica e di improvvisazione radicale: Thanos Chrysakis, Yoni Silver. Jason Alder e Caroline Kraabel.

"Label boss and electronic improviser / composer Thanos Chrysakis is often concentrated on that kind of drone music which goes in fact beyond of the features and the moods inherent to such music. With two blowers like Yoni Silver, a regular bass clarinet player of choice on the London scene, and Caroline Kraabel, an avid explorer of the baritone sax aided with her own voice and very much involved in many collective projects there, you have two great instrumental voices maintaining a kind of sonic continuity, although they manage to reach deeply different dynamics and actions to attract and to revive our active listening. Jason Alder not only plays bass clarinet but also contrabass, Eb and Bb clarinets following the demands of each piece. No one of these crafted improvisers are playing solos but ensemble playing with quite minute and astute sound variations, harmonics, subdued voicings to the point you forget and, even, you don’t care who is playing what. Thanos Chrysakis is playing either laptop computer and/or electronics and his noisy, windy sounds are inserting, slotting, meshing around and inside the instrumental proceedings. You hear also some voices from a sort of radio waves. The reed players can digress from the main line of the piece with the more adapted intensity and poise to make it coherent with the whole sound. So all in all, you have a very pleasant, well balanced spooky, a bit extraterrestrial, music made by players who are intense listeners and experienced improvisers."