10 settembre 2019

Le epiche gesta di Louis Moholo-Moholo con i suoi Six Blokes - Alexander Hawkins, Steve Williamson, Byron Wallen, Jason Yarde e John Edwards - presso la londinese Church of Sound lo scorso 1 settembre sono ora splendidamente documentate su YT.

Moholo-Moholo’s electrifying live performances still exhibit the same uncompromising ferocity and creativity which have marked him out as one of the seminal figures of the national and international scenes for half a century. Come experience the sensation of being blown away by the waves of emotion, whether overwhelmingly ecstatic or exquisitely refined. And most of all, perhaps, listen to the Louis Moholo-Moholo sextet to understand how, in this music, the individual and the collective can simultaneously attain equal importance: a most elevated state of being.