28 ottobre 2019

Dopo quella presentata in forma sperimentale a Bourges lo scorso aprile ci sarà presto una nuova versione dal vivo del controverso album dei Residents, God In Three Persons, prodotto nel 1988. Al progetto stavolta collabora strettamente l'artista multimediale John Sanborn. Sede della presentazione potrebbe essere il MoMA newyorkese, ma su questo c'è ancora pieno mistero.

The Residents, in collaboration with media artist John Sanborn, are creating an extraordinary live video/theater version of their legendary 1988 album God in 3 Persons - the story of a disgraced evangelist and his twisted obsession with a pair of gender fluid conjoined twins. This innovative live work will premiere in New York on January 24 and 25, 2020.

"A Tale of Faith, Confusion and Lust". God in 3 Persons is a journey into the darkest reaches of the human soul. Beginning with a series of flashbacks, our unreliable narrator, Mr. X, tells us of his discovery of a pair of conjoined twins he believes to be miracle workers. As they tour the revival tent circuit, the relationship between the twins and Mr. X shifts from paternal to something more sinister, as he becomes convinced one of the twins desires him.  Framed by folksy memories, Mr. X pretends that his lurid obsession was simply a regard for the health and safety of these faith healing twins, until his libido bursts like a flood swollen dam, causing a dire release and realignment of the twins’ connection. It does not end well.