30 ottobre 2019

Già un anno è passato senza il caro Hardy Fox (1945-2018). Klanggalerie lo ricorda affettuosamente compilando un album con i principali brani prodotti in vita nascosto - si fa per dire - dietro uno dei suoi tanti pseudonimi, Black Tar And The Cry Babies: "The Tar projects were generally created to help raise money for needy projects for poverty, mass destruction in fire, and to fight the evil of Trump uprising. Season Of The Witch was released for Halloween 2015 and was available from October 17th to November 2nd of that year as a download only. Left With The Fires was published two years later and was available as a free download from Hardy's bandcamp page. Any donations given were matched dollar by dollar by himself and used to help the Sonoma Humane Society who cares for pets during wildfire disasters. After this, six more songs were released as freebies with the Hacienda Bridge newsletter, but these were ironic soundclips often not even using Hardy's own music. So the three tracks compiled on this album are the complete works composed by Hardy as Black Tar with the exception of 13 Tiny Tunes for Hallow's Eve which were all published on the Eggs collection. Hardy never saw this music as a commercial product so we are releasing this for Halloween 2019 as a small run CD on Klanggalerie and Took in an edition of 300 copies only."