21 ottobre 2019

Henry Kaiser volge nuovamente lo sguardo ad amici scomparsi e maestri ispiratori con un aggiornamento al suo già ampio catalogo di memoriali: More Requia--In Memory of Great Ancestors (Metalanguage, 2019).

"Inspired by John Fahey’s 1967 Requia and Other Compositions for Guitar Solo album on Vanguard, Henry Kaiser recorded his own Requia and Other Improvisations for Guitar Solo back in 2013 for the Tzadik Label. Having lost several friends and heroes in the past few years, Henry's mind turned again to 'guitar requia' for the departed. This time he invited some friends and heroes (nine living, one dead) to join him for the recordings, composed/improvised by the performers except for an amazing reimagining of Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia's “What's Become of the Baby” from AoxomoxoA by the Grateful Dead. Each of the nine tracks here are dedicated to someone who influenced Mr. Kaiser, the list includes guitarists: Sonny Sharrock, Hans Reichel, Davey Williams, Albert Collins, Derek Bailey, Larry Coryell & Jerry Garcia (all deceased). The other dedicatees include: Cecil Taylor, Lloyd Austin, Paul Hostetter (a luthier, who died in February of this year, 2019) and Gene Wolfe (sci-fi writer). The pieces range from solo electric & acoustic guitars to duos, trios and quartets. As always, Mr. Kaiser, turns his guitars inside-out and takes us to far away planets." (Bruce Lee Gallanter)