13 ottobre 2019

Inizia oggi una breve serie di presentazioni pubbliche del libro di Benjamin Piekut Henry Cow-The World Is A Problem: intervengono questo pomeriggio al Cafe Oto londinese David Toop, Chris Cutler, Tim Hodgkinson e Georgina Born (e forse altri). A Milano domani (Standards, via Maffucci 26) con l'autore ci sarà Franco Fabbri mentre il 16 ottobre a Roma (Blutopia, via del Pigneto 116) ci sarà Alessandro Achilli.

“In this landmark monograph, Benjamin Piekut offers a stunning new theoretical framework for writing the history of ‘adventurous’ music in the late twentieth century, realizing that theory in practice by replicating in his graceful prose the improvised relation to the world he seeks to illuminate. Through his gripping account of the band Henry Cow, he reconstructs the cultural space of what he calls the 'vernacular avant-garde', where musicians learn from records rather than in institutions, live uncertainty, cross genres, improvise responses to novel situations, work with and against record companies, and embrace avant-gardism without negation. It is rare to finish a monumental monograph with a gasp. A must-read intervention and instant classic!” (Tamara Levitz)