19 ottobre 2019

Tre appuntamenti a Tokyo, tutti al Moon Romantic, ormai imminenti: ma nell'agenda di Dave Stewart e Barbara Gaskin ci sono anche altri concerti nei prossimi mesi, forse non soltanto a Londra. E un nuovo album! Lo si legge in una recente intervista concessa a un affezionato ascoltatore, Kanyo.

The Stewart / Gaskin band return to Japan in November 2019 for live concerts at Tsuki-Miru Kimi-Omou, Aoyama, Tokyo. Featuring Barbara (vocals / keyboards), Dave (keyboards) and Beren Matthews (guitar / vocals), the band will play songs chosen from their entire catalogue (including some never played live before) and will also preview several new unreleased songs. The concert dates are Friday Nov 8th, Saturday Nov 9th and Sunday Nov 10th. More live gigs are planned for 2020, details to follow later this year.