03 ottobre 2019

Uno dei capitoli migliori della seconda vita dei Muffins è ora ufficialmente disponibile in digitale presso la casa madre Cuneiform: Double Negative, prodotto nel 2004 dal classico quartetto (Scott, Newhouse, Swann, Sears) assieme a un nutrito numero di ospiti, tra cui Marshall Allen.

Double Negative is The Muffins' second studio recording released since reforming and possibly the most ambitious work of their career. Featuring 75 minutes of music spread over 17 songs, Double Negative is The Muffins' most compositionally diverse work, featuring pieces that vary in style and tone greatly, but which are always theirs (although they might fool you for a bit here and there!). The Muffins have long been noted for the way they craft memorable themes with adventurous musical structures and this is no exception. In addition, it is the band's most instrumentally rich work, featuring an unprecedented number of musical guest appearances. Two principal members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott, play sax on several tracks, while longtime Muffins contributor, Doug Elliott, contributes excellent trombone parts to half the pieces and string players also contribute.