06 novembre 2019

Album nuovissimo per Drag City (Radum Calls, Radum Calls) e concerto benaugurale al Cafe Oto londinese questa sera (con replica a Nottingham nel weekend): è tornato Sean O'Hagan!

Sean O’Hagan has spent 30 years in music as a performer and writer firstly as the co-founder of Microdisney in the 1980s, then as the founder of the still current High Llamas. As well as fulfilling duties as a part time member of Stereolab. Radum Calls, Radum Calls, Sean's second solo album in 30 years reflects the bold new sounds of today embedded in the plush sound-world he's built for High Llamas, Stereolab and many others – thick low end synths under light orchestra strings, dubby percussion atop bossa-nova beats and rumbling drum sounds driving Sean's tongue-in-cheek ditties. Guest vocals from former Microdisney partner, vocalist Cathal Coughlan, add to the surreal bloom of Sean’s new musical conception.