08 novembre 2019

Alle rarità filozappiane spesso molto interessanti e sempre in bella mostra presso Cordelia Records si sono aggiunti da poco un nuovo Mappa Zappa in versione extended-play e la collezione Lost Meat, con brani mai inclusi nella discografia ufficiale del Nostro. Ne è curatore ancora una volta Andrew Greenaway: "Cordelia Records has just released Lost Meat - an album of songs composed by FZ that you won’t find in his official discography. The album includes tracks performed by Zero (featuring Prairie Prince, Sandro Oliva and Craig 'Twister' Steward), Treacherous Cretins, Gabba Zappa Hey!, Fred Händl, and tasty cover artwork by Art For Dinosaurs (aka Hoops and Robert Ross). The theme of the Lost Meat album is compositions that either FZ himself composed and were released on 7", long, long ago, or were released on an album he produced for someone else, or were just never released, period, or compositions that he collaborated on with other artists and that were not released on any of his albums. It includes three of the four tracks co credited to Zappa from L Shankar's album Touch Me There, which he produced for him back in 1979."