15 novembre 2019

Alvin Curran incontra Jon Rose al Café Grand Abyss, ed è quasi un dialogo sopra i massimi sistemi del mondo. Ne è testimone Cutler: "Two giants on great form: Alvin spookily surefooted in deployment of his often counterintuitive palette of sounds, Jon just stunning – in a partnership that provides perfect context for both performers. And it’s beautifully recorded. I know this stuff is a hard sell, but it deserves better; this is proper musicianship and it embodies a lifetime of research and performance coupled with some exquisite musical thinking, and no sense of complacency; a master-class. Dense and complex with passages of simple perfection, and so perfectly formed I’d recommend listening to no more than 1 or 2 tracks at a sitting."

If this CD were in colour, then it would be full spectrum, containing as it does more musical bumps, slides, and rides than is decent for a CD of improvised music. There are nods to minimalism, noise, and jazz, but a description of this musical encounter might be best described as maximalist. Just when you think the parameters have been sorted, there is a twist, and we are off on another journey - the extrovert and joyous followed suddenly by the dark and strange.