14 novembre 2019

Domani a Trento (Teatro Sanbàpolis) e il giorno dopo a Firenze (Auditorium Flog): arriva anche qui il Long Goodbye Tour dei Pere Ubu, oggi in capo a David Thomas, Keith Moliné, Gagarin - cioè Graham Dowdall - e Chris Cutler. Solo due tappe, ma si spera non le ultime: "Despite being billed locally as 'the last ever,' we hope that these will not be the last ever appearances in Italy. We like the food too much to say never again..."

For the record, at no point did we describe The Long Goodbye as the last Pere Ubu album. In the early stages we feared that this might be the case but we were always scrupulous in referring to it as the end of 'a' road, the end of 'a' way of doing things that involved wrapping up what had gone before - never 'the' end. This distinction is lost on some writers and promoters.
Likewise, there is no farewell tour. At some point the end of touring will come but we will not declare it. Note the Death Protocols we published some years ago: When David dies there is to be no public acknowledgement. A backlog of photos will be posted periodically along with news items and 'personal' commentaries from David that are, when possible, linked to some contemporaneous happening. 'Interviews' will be conducted by email. At a convenient point no sooner than two years from the event, Ubu Projex will note, "Oh, yeah, he died two years ago."
With anything Ubu there is never a finality. All is a work-in-progress forevermore.