19 novembre 2019

E più particolari ci sono ovviamente nella nuova edizione - aggiornata e molto riveduta - del classico studio crimsoniano di Sid Smith, pubblicato diciotto anni fa da Helter Skelter e ora rilanciato da Panegyric con titolo In the Court of King Crimson: An Observation Over 50 Years.

Panegyric is releasing Sid Smith's significant revision and expansion of his critically acclaimed bio, In the Court of King Crimson (Helter Skelter Publishing, 2001). More than merely adding what has gone on in the nearly 20 years since the original book was published, at nearly double its size, the 2019 edition of In the Court of King Crimson: An Observation Over 50 Years is a major revision to the original book, with Smith not only revising its structure, but reshaping its entire narrative. Fans of the original will find plenty more in-depth information about King Crimson, from its early pre-KC days as Giles, Giles & Fripp right up to its current 50th Anniversary activities.