24 novembre 2019

Martin Archer di Discus Music intende produrre un nuovo album di Keith e Julie Tippett l'anno prossimo, e per farlo chiede sostegno anticipato ad appassionati e amici attraverso il sito web dell'etichetta: "Despite a wealth of excellent live recordings being available from over the years, when Discus talked to Keith and Julie about this project, they expressed a strong preference for making a new studio recording for the duo, where they would be able to overdub using multiple keyboards, voices and miscellaneous sounds.  We will probably be using Peter Gabriel's wonderful Real World Studio to make this new work, which will be produced by Keith and Julie with Martin Archer. All three of us are very excited about this project! This is a large project for Discus, which is why we are inviting subscriptions in advance to fund the recording and manufacture costs."