20 novembre 2019

Prende il titolo da uno dei suoi album più amati il libro riccamente illustrato che raccoglie i testi delle canzoni dell'intera carriera post-Soft Machine di Kevin Ayers, Shooting at the Moon-The Collected Lyrics of Kevin Ayers. Lo ha curato la figlia Galen per Faber Music: "It has taken me the best part of 5 years to get Kevin’s musical legacy in order, and this book is set to be the crown jewel of the estate… Editing and curating this book I revisited, remembered and clarified many ‘unsolved mysteries’ that were missing in my understanding of my father’s life-narrative, and this has proven both transformative and necessary." C'è anche l'affettuoso ricordo di Robert Wyatt, che così confessa: "What I don't know how to say now is that I loved him then, and I love the memory of him now, and I shall always miss him."