16 novembre 2019

Presso Soundcloud e Echoes and Dust si può ascoltare in streaming - in anticipo di qualche giorno rispetto all'uscita ufficiale - l'album con cui debutta il progetto Whistling Arrow, probabile evoluzione di Oscilanz che ora vede coinvolti Charles Hayward, Laura Cannell, Andre Bosman e gli Ex-Easter Island Head. Così scrive Stewart Lee per introdurre il lavoro: "If you’ve been searching for an album that suggests a pagan mediaeval aesthetic colliding with an electrified art rock sensibility, to create a mysterious new entity unrecognizable from the sum of its parts, then look no further, true believer. It’s here!"

Whistling Arrow is the debut collaboration between critically acclaimed composer and performer Laura Cannell, This Heat/Camberwell Now founder and seasoned composer/improviser Charles Hayward, multi-disciplinary musician Andre Bosman and prepared guitar minimalists Ex-Easter Island Head. Brought together by a shared bill on Cannell's Arts Council-funded Modern Ritual tour, the six musicians convened for a single session in Liverpool's Parr Street Studios in October 2017. Recording live in the room with few preconceptions and a warm appreciation of each others' work, the sextet improvised on violins, recorders, drums, piano, electronics, prepared guitars, percussion and voice. The music of Whistling Arrow represents a deeply empathic meeting of unique musical voices: evoking a musical territory of the ancient and the modern, earthen and concrete.