24 dicembre 2019

E l'occasione per riprendere contatto con un'altra antica conoscenza è offerta dalla pubblicazione dell'ottimo Still (Col legno, 2019) e dalla ripresa di un'intensa attività concertistica da parte degli austriaci Knoedel, che a metà anni Novanta, per interessamento del Circ.a, portarono le loro musiche dal vivo anche sul versante italiano delle Alpi. Oggi come allora, con formazione pressoché immutata, li guida Christof Dienz: "The music on this CD feeds from nearby, from the region we come from and where we live our lives. We have had a 17-year break. In that time we have taken very different paths and moved in very different musical domains. Now that we are playing together again, this all comes out in the music: contemporary sounds meet baroque forms, instruments from our region sound out in new guise. We play these instruments and this music because we enjoy it, we are interested in our home and want to engage with what is around us. The music sprouts from more or less unspectacular, small, immediate things, incidents or people in our everyday lives, in this stage of our lives. This includes love, death, children, neighbors, politics, celebrating raucous parties, sitting staring into the fire, and taking an afternoon nap."